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01 February : Official opening of our site

8 March :We participate in an exhibition

17 April : Nepalese New Year

Our contacts are:
E-Mail (preferable due to possible time difference and need to analyze request): amatya@mail.ru
Phone/Fax: +7 495 123 45 67


Welcome to our site

Compass for foreign investments and business in Russia and CIS

Umanga company with itís specific approach to information gathering, assembling, analysis and verification provides unique and unrivaled service to foreign companies and individuals, wishing to invest in Russia and CIS countries, or enter in new business here.We act more like a platform for verification and/or background support for decision making.you have some hint or more or less formed business idea for Russia or CIS? We will provide quality analyst summary on that topic. We are proud to have numerous connections and experts in every sphere of life in Russia and CIS + vast resources to gather and re-check information. We are fully independent from any other business or governmental structure.
Examples of requests we handle:
Checking business history or real size/reliability of any business partner here;
Checking allegations on market situation in any sphere of history of market behavior;
Information on assumed hardness of some business area, including underwater governmental barriers; Analysis of latest trends.

  Our newly launched projects

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Company Utsav Inc

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